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Events for personal, professional, and spiritual advancement

Expand your Vision for Success and Prosperity.

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Challenge and Conquer concept

The IC’s Monthly Gathering Event

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Thursday, March 23rd @ 3pm PDT

Imagineering Live Training Event

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Friday, March 24th @ 11am PDT

Blossom in Light Experience

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Saturday, March 25th @ 10am PDT

Previous Events

Imagineering 2023

Imagine, focus, and integrate your vision for Success and Prosperity.

Whether it be a year, month, week, or day you will gain insight and realize how to set goals and intentions that you can fulfill with joy and excitement.

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Self-Paced Training Programs

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Imagineering Well-BEing

Imagine and create your optimal level of well-being.

Establishing physical, emotional, and mental stability creates a life experience that fills you up from the inside out and expands your spiritual evolution and imagination abilities.

Expanding in Gratitude

Experience a week of thankfulness.

Gratitude is the key that opens the doors to joy, love, happiness, and expanding states of creativity and healing. Ready to elevate your vibrational frequency?

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Earth Day Gradients
Dreams And Imagination

1-1 Imagineering Session

Expand your Vision, Enhance & Reconnect with Your Magic.

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Mentoring Opportunities

game of imagination

All Available Offerings

Experience the combined powers of imagination and logical thinking.

Join The Imagine Community

Choose to activate and expand your imagination powers.

Allen Kares

Let's Connect in Joy!


Hi, I am Allen Kares and I'm here to help you Activate, Develop & Expand Your Vision for Success and Prosperity.

  • My mission is to add value to the unfolding of life through the powers of love and imagination.

I facilitate ease, flow, and empowering safe spaces for interested BEings to come in and expand personally, professionally, and spiritually. Through the magic of Imagineering you can create your present from your future in a state of whole BEing synergy and coherence.

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Challenge and Conquer concept